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What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that our Website sends to your browser or your device, from which you

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What types of cookies do we use?

Technical, functional – these are required in order for you to view the Website and

for its proper function


• Technical, functional – these are required in order for you to view the Website and

for its proper function

• Analytical – these help us analyse how our Website functions in terms of visitor

behaviour and adapt or change our Website accordingly

• Preference – these cookies are intended for the display of our content in your

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• Marketing – these allow us or third parties to adapt the services offered by us or

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• Security – cookies that are designed to prevent scams or eliminate security


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Can we process such cookies?

The statutory regulations allow us to use technical and functional cookies. Without them,

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Analytical, security and preference cookies allow us to process data on the basis of a

“legitimate interest”. However, we may not force such processing on you in any way, and

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How can you prevent the use of cookies?


First of all, we would like to mention that the cookies we collect in order to measure the

Website traffic and generate statistics concerning the traffic and visitor behaviour on our

Website are evaluated as a whole and, therefore, they cannot be used to identify any


Cookies necessary for the functioning of our Website are always maintained only for the

period necessary for the operation of the Website.

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Who processes cookies for us?

You can find the list of our current processors in the cookie information bar accessible from

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Affiliate cooperation

Please note that the affiliate network participants may also handle information concerning

your visit for the purposes of the affiliate programme.


You can check the affiliate networks we currently use for our purposes or the purposes of

our partners:

• the Dognet affiliate network of Lead Media s.r.o., company ID No.: 477 26 601, with

its registered office at Karpatská 6, 811 05 Bratislava

• the eHUB affiliate network of s.r.o., company ID No.: 248 18 569, with its

registered office at Tusarova 877/56, 170 00 Prague 7


We would also like you to know:

We handle your cookies. In some cases, your cookies may also be handled by third parties. In

such a case, third parties are indicated in the cookie information bar accessible in the footer

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When your personal data is being processed, under the GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of

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the information on what personal data we process; request access to such data and the

updating or correction of such data or request the restriction of processing; in some cases,

you may request a copy of the processed personal data; request the deletion or transfer of

personal data. If you believe that we do not handle your data correctly, you may file a

complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection or enforce your claims in court.

You can find more information on the processing of personal data in the Privacy Policy